2020-2021 Classes

Classes Start September 7


Dance Classes

Little Lights Combo 

Ages 3-8 years.  Our Beginner Combo classes will introduce children to the art of dance through ballet, creative movement, and tap.  Classes will focus on creative expression while building foundational dance skills.         

Ballet (Level I - V)

Ballet is the classical dance form that can be mastered by itself or used as a technical base or supplement to other dance forms. Classes focus on overall body alignment and awareness with emphasis on proper usage of feet and legs and execution of turnout. Carriage and usage of upper torso and arms are also stressed. Traditional barre work, center work and combinations are included in all classes.

Advanced Ballet/PrePointe

This class is preparation for dancers who are working towards the goal of dancing on pointe. Dancers will focus on technique designed for strengthening the legs, ankles, and feet. Correct alignment, joint stability, core strength and understanding of pointe shoes will be taught. Dancers must be taking 2+ hours of ballet per week and placed by teacher/studio director

Pointe (Beginner-Advanced)

Becoming a dancer on pointe is a major accomplishment for ballet dancers! Pointe work requires the dancer to stand with the tips of the toes fully extended. Dancers will learn what is necessary both technically and artistically for pointe work. They will focus on building strength, articulation of the feet and progressions as they work toward gracing the stage on pointe. Dancers must be taking 2+ hours of ballet per week and placed by teacher/studio director.

Jazz (Level I - III)

Jazz dance is an energetic art form. We will learn proper jazz techniques such as contraction and isolations of the body and how to execute them with proper syncopation. We will explore the different dance forms that jazz is derived from and build on self expression through jazz. Placement into these classes will be determined by teachers. Ballet is highly recommended to take alongside this class.  Ballet is required to take alongside Jazz II and III.

Contemporary (Level I - III)

Expression!  We will explore movement to learn and build on basic dance principles.  Contemporary will focus on dance as a form of worship and using our bodies to express experiences and feelings.  Ballet is highly recommended to take alongside this class.


Ages 8+.  No dance experience necessary, only a desire to use movement as worship. In this class we will study worship, journal, discuss, pray and use movement to express our hearts. This class is for anyone who loves to worship and is interested in having a safe place to explore and express God’s heart.


Our modern class takes ballet, contemporary and jazz and fuses them together! Fluid movement + sharp movement + expression + exploration = modern. Mrs. Cora makes this class fun and engaging. This is a very creative form of dance mixed with skills and technique!

Hip Hop 

This is a high energy class that keeps popping and locking appropriate! The focus of Hip Hop will be rhythm and coordination, beats and bounce, in an energy filled, fast paced class. No suggestive movements or music. Tons of fun!  

Musical Theater

Think Broadway! We will explore the different dance styles of musical theater! This class will focus on performance skills, storytelling through expression, audience connection and the dance skills needed to put on a great show! No vocal, only dance. We will have a ton of fun! No dance experience necessary!


No dance experience needed.

Pom is a high energy class for the dancer who is interested in combining sharp dance moves with enthusiasm.  This class introduces pom skills, moves and terminology as well beginner cheer jumps, leaps and turns. 

Praise and Worship

Young dancers will get a chance to praise God through fun, high energy dance moves to current Christian music as well as slow down to worship our Savior through deep, meaningful connection using movement to some of the greatest worship songs of this time. We will talk about the many forms of worship found in the Bible and have fun expressing our love back to the Father!

Tap (Level III - V)

Rhythm, syncopation and high energy.  Tap is a fun and exciting class that builds from simple beats and steps to quick percussive sounds.  Dancers learn to use their feet as instruments while advancing in skills and abilities.

Technique, Turns, and Jumps

This class is for the dancer that is looking to progress their dance skills. A minimum of 2 years experience is required. We will work on strengthening technique, improving flexibility and solidifying & exploring different types of turns and jumps! Highly recommended as an addition to any intermediate/advanced class or even as a stand alone to keep acquired skills fresh through the summer.

Variations (levels V +)

This class will teach the dancer famous pieces from ballets such as Swan Lake, Giselle and Esmerelda. It is a fun addition to any ballet class level V and above. Dancers love dancing the same movements as professional ballet companies. Dancers must be taking 1.25 hours of ballet per week and placed by teacher/studio director.


Level I ages 4-8

Level II ages 7-10

Our beginner level Acro classes will focus on flexibility, core, leg and full body strength as well as mastering basic tumbling skills. Proper form of beginner floor work will be taught. Students will work on progressions of handstands, walkovers, cartwheels etc. A progression is any move that starts off basic and increases in difficulty (ex. cartwheel to one handed cartwheel to round off to aerial).


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Art Classes


Students grades K-5 will use their imagination to explore and create using a variety of materials.  Each four week session we will focus on a different medium while developing artistic skills and craftsmanship to design imaginative art projects. Students will learn the power of self expression.  


$60 per 4 week session

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Stage Curtains

This fun class will focus on understanding how we are roles in Jesus' grand story, developing a love for storytelling on stage, and gaining the skills and confidence for performing.  We'll work on the building blocks of theatre and acting techniques. 


$55 per month


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The Beginner Group Guitar Class is focused on much more than teaching young people the basics of guitar, but also to inspire them in their love of music. They will learn how to use and take care of their instrument, and learn basic chords and strumming patterns: all the tools they need to play simple worship songs. The students will also participate in a recital at the end of the season to showcase the songs they learned. 


$70 per month


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Piano Keys

Piano Lessons with Jim Patton

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Dance Class Pricing

Tuition 2020-2021

Hours Per week& Tuition per Month

  • 45 minutes - $50 per month

  • 1 hour - $55 per month

  • 1 1/4 hours - $65 per month

  • 1 1/2 hours - $75 per month

  • 1 3/4 hours - $85 per month

  • 2 hours - $95 per month

  • 2 1/4 hours - $105 per month

  • 2 1/2 hours - $120 per month

  • 2 3/4 hours - $130 per month

  • 3 hours - $140 per month

  • 3 1/4 hours - $145 per month

  • 3 1/2 hours - $150 per month

  • 3 3/4 hours - $160 per month

  • 4 hours - $170 per month

  • 4 1/4 hours - $175 per month

  • 4 1/2 hours - $$180 per month

  • 4 3/4 hours - $195 per month

  • 5 hours - $200 per month

*Pointe Class an additional $15 per month per student

*Acro Class $50 annual equipment fee

*Pom Class $15 pom purchase fee

*See Art, Piano and Guitar for class pricing


Tuition is due the first of each month beginning September – May.  Your monthly tuition will be the same regardless of holidays or the number of weeks in a given month. Tuition fees are to be paid monthly unless previously arranged with The Worship Movement. A $15 late fee will be added after the 15th day of the month.


  • Sibling Discount of $5 on each additional student per ​month

  • Student Unlimited $175 per month (does not include art, piano or guitar)

  • Family unlimited $225 per month (does not include art, piano or guitar)