6 Week Summer Session

Our summer session will run June 22, 2020-July 31, 2020


Students will learn fundamental barre, center floor and across the floor combinations and techniques in an enjoyable, uplifting atmosphere! 

Ballet III (ages 7-11)

Thursday 4:15-5:15

Ballet IV (ages 10-12) 

Thursday 5:30-6:30 

$90.00 for the 6 week session


No dance experience needed.

Beginner Poms is a high energy class for the dancer who is interested in combining sharp dance moves with enthusiasm.  This class introduces pom skills, moves and terminology as well beginner cheer jumps, leaps and turns. 

Ages 7-10

Tuesday 4:15-5:15

$90.00 for the 6 week session

Hip Hop 

This is a high energy class that keeps popping and locking appropriate! The focus of Hip Hop will be rhythm and coordination, beats and bounce, in an energy filled, fast paced class. No suggestive movements or music. Tons of fun! 

Hip Hop I (ages 8-12)

Monday 4:15-5:15

Hip Hop II (ages 13+)

Monday 6:45-7:45

$90.00 for the 6 week session

Praise & Worship

Young dancers will get a chance to praise God through fun, high energy dance moves to current Christian music as well as slow down to worship our Savior through deep, meaningful connection using movement to some of the greatest worship songs of this time. We will talk about the many forms of worship found in the Bible and have fun expressing our love back to the Father!

Ages 6-10

Monday 5:30-6:30

$90.00 for the 6 week session


Our modern class takes ballet, contemporary and jazz and fuses them together! Fluid movement + sharp movement + expression + exploration = modern. Mrs. Cora makes this class fun and engaging. This is a very creative form of dance mixed with skills and technique!

Ages 10+

Monday 5:30-6:30

$90.00 for the 6 week session

Musical Theater

Think Broadway! We will explore the different dance styles of musical theater! This class will focus on performance skills, storytelling through expression, audience connection and the dance skills needed to put on a great show! No vocal, only dance. We will have a ton of fun! No dance experience necessary!

Ages 9-13

Tuesday 5:30-6:30

$90.00 for the 6 week session

Technique, Turns, & Jumps

This class is for the dancer that is looking to progress their dance skills. A minimum of 2 years experience is required. We will work on strengthening technique, improving flexibility and solidifying & exploring different types of turns and jumps! Highly recommended as an addition to any intermediate/advanced class or even as a stand alone to keep acquired skills fresh through the summer.

Ages 10-18

Tuesday 6:45-7:45

$90.00 for the 6 week session