Students will learn fundamental barre, center floor and across the floor combinations and techniques in an enjoyable, uplifting atmosphere! Our Ballet IV and V levels will be determined by teachers and dependent on experience and skill level.

Instructors: Tiffanie, Angelle, & Summer

 Recreational Ballet (ages 7-12)
 Ballet I (ages 4-6)
Ballet II (ages 6-8)
Ballet III (ages 8-10)
*Ballet IV (ages 10+)
*Ballet V (ages 12+)

Creative Combination

These classes introduce your dancer to basic ballet, basic tap techniques and beginner contemporary style dance. 

Instructors: Tiffanie, Katherine, & Summer

Toddler (ages 3-4, 45 minute classes)

Preschool (ages 4-5, 45 minute classes)

Beginner I (ages 5-7, 60 minute classes)

Beginner II (ages 6-8, 75 minute classes)


Expression!  We will explore movement to learn and build on basic dance principles.  Contemporary will focus on dance as a form of worship and using our bodies to express experiences and feelings.  Ballet is highly recommended to take alongside this class.

Instructors: Tiffanie & Angelle

                                            Contemporary I (ages 8 - 11)

*Contemporary II (ages 12+)


We will be utilizing the classic Al Gilbert tap techniques while adding our own rhythms and forms of street tap. This class is high energy and full of fun! We will add levels as necessary, inquire for placement.

Instructors: Tiffanie & Katherine

Tap III (ages 8 - 10) 
*Tap IV (ages 10+) 


Jazz dance is an energetic art form. We will learn proper jazz techniques such as contraction and isolations of the body and how to execute them with proper syncopation. We will explore the different dance forms that jazz is derived from and build on self expression through jazz. Placement into these classes will be determined by teachers. Ballet is highly recommended to take alongside this class.  Ballet is required to take alongside Jazz II.

Instructor: Angelle

Pre-Jazz (ages 6-8)

Jazz I (ages 8 - 11)

*Jazz II (ages 12+)

Stretch & Strengthen

This class will focus on flexibility, balance, and core strength. A wonderful addition to any class or great as a stand alone. This would also be a fantastic class for anyone in other sports.

Instructor: Katherine

Stretch & Strengthen I (ages 8-12)

*Stretch & Strengthen II (ages 12+ with instructor approval) 


No dance experience necessary, only a desire to use movement as worship. In this class we will study worship, journal, discuss, pray and use movement to express our hearts. This class is for anyone who loves to worship and is interested in having a safe place to explore and express God’s heart.

Instructor: Tiffanie

Encounter I (ages 8-11)

Encounter II (ages 12+)

Hip Hop

This is a high energy class that keeps popping and locking appropriate! The focus of Hip Hop will be rhythm and coordination, beats and bounce, in an energy filled, fast paced class. No suggestive movements or music. Tons of fun!  We offer both girls and boys classes.

Instructors: Rachelle & Ebony

Hip Hop I (ages 8-11)

Boyz Hip Hop (ages 10 +)

*Hip Hop II (ages 12+)

*Co-ed Hip Hop (ages 11+)

Spirit Squad

This high energy class is a movement based class that will focus on sharp arm movement and dance team/cheer skills.  Dancers will learn fundamentals in an energetic, faced paced class.  No suggestive movements or music. 

Instructor: Marlee

Spirit Squad I (ages 8-11)

Spirit Squad II (ages 12+)

Adult Classes
Worship with Dance
Private Lessons
We offer private lessons for $65 per month.

Beginner: For the student with little or no dance experience, or no more than 1-3 years of dance education.

*Permission of instructor is required. Pre-requisites may be required.

We reserve the right to place students according to their age, ability level, and experience.

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