With the adjusted Phase 2 plan given by our governor, the Worship Movement sought clarity directly from a representative from the NC governor's office for our standing. We were given permission to reopen June 1, 2020. We have done extensive research, sought counsel from our local government as well as medical professionals and feel confident that we are doing everything possible to protect our families and staff while reopening.

Encouraged Social Distancing

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Health & Safety

Food & Drink

Personal Items

How To Prepare Your Student

Encouraged Social Distancing 

  • Note that we will do our very best to promote healthy distances. Studio floors will be taped with spots at 6 feet apart. 

  • Class sizes will remain at 10 or less including the teacher/s. 

  • We cannot promise that there will be 6 feet between each student/ teacher at all times. 

  • As of now, parents will not be allowed to wait in the building. We understand there will be necessary circumstances when a parent needs to be with their child and will work these out on an individual basis.


Cleaning & Sanitizing 

  • The studio will be professionally deep cleaned and sanitized consistently. We will be using professional grade spray sanitizer in between every class on all surfaces in the studio including light switches and door knobs. 

  • All props (scarves, wands, headbands etc) will be washed or sanitized between every use.

  • Please encourage your child to use the restroom before coming to the studio. Students can still use our restroom. We will clean in between each class by wiping down surfaces. 


Health & Safety

  • We are requiring an At Home Health Assessment to be completed prior to each day of class. This will just be a verbal yes or no at the door.

  • Teachers 18+ will be required to wear a face covering; students are not, however it is optional.

  • Students are required to have their temperature taken at the door and wash their hands with soap and water upon entering the studio . Parents may not leave the premises until temperature is cleared (below 100.4)

  • Students are asked to sanitize their hands while exiting the studio. 

  • In the event that we are notified that a student or staff member has contracted COVID19 we will initiate our Worship Movement Response Plan. If you would like more information about our Response Plan please contact us at worshipmvt@gmail.com.


Food & Drink

  • We are not using the studio water jug. It is your responsibility to bring a water bottle for your student. We will have a limited amount of plastic water bottles to offer if your dancer forgets. 

    • Please label your student's water bottle 

  • No food is allowed in the building.

  • Dinner options for Stage 3 dancers: We understand that for some of our Stage 3 dancers they will need to eat dinner. We will not permit any eating in the studio or allow the use of the mini fridge or microwave.

    • Option 1: Dancer can eat dinner prior to their dance class.

    • Option 2: Dancer can eat dinner with parent/ guardian in the car in between classes.

    • Option 3: We will have designated socially distanced spots on the front lawn where the dancer can eat your dinner. 


Personal Items

  • No toys are allowed 

  • Dance Bags to only carry dance shoes and water bottles (labeled)

    • Dance Bags will be brought into the dance room and kept 6 feet apart



  • Please reiterate “hands to yourself” while at The Worship Movement.

  • Remind them that their teachers will be wearing a face covering but will be smiling underneath. 

  • Please talk with them about keeping their covid conversations at home! We want conversations while in class and at the studio to be light and positive. We ask that any opinions on the virus be kept within family conversations, not studio conversations.

  • Remind them to cover coughs & sneezes and wash hands thoroughly, no kissing mirrors or licking the floor (you’d be surprised at the silly things that happen) etc.

  • The use of masks is optional for dancers. We ask that you do your homework on what is most beneficial for your child. Keep in mind they will be dancing, which increases heart rate and breathing.