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The Worship Movement Scholarship

The Worship Movement offers scholarships in a few different areas. We would be honored to have your help in keeping these available to our students! Here’s how you can contribute:

  •  scholarship students Estimated full year cost for each student is $800. This includes monthly tuition, dance shoes and costumes for the recital.

  • We offer a “Movement Award” unlimited class scholarship each year to an older student who displays excellent character, discipline and desire to learn. A student who emulates the encounter, embrace, express philosophy! Unlimited student tuition is $130 per month.

  • We offer hardship scholarships throughout the year to families that may hit a bump in the road financially as well as to families brought to our attention by current students that would love the opportunity to be part of the Worship Movement Family but don’t have the means in their budget! Costs vary, this is a general scholarship fund.

  • Dance Revolution - this is a 3 day dance convention for our intermediate/advanced dancers attend in January. The cost is about $330 altogether per student.

2019 Movement
Award Recipient

Marcy Fischer


2020 Movement
Award Recipient

Jessica Dockrill

Ballet IV.jpg

2021 Movement
Award Recipient

Elika Axce


2022 Movement
Award Recipient

ALly Tallman

2Z0A6172 (1)_edited.jpg

2022 Movement
Award Recipient

Sarah Rich

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