A letter from the teacher: “There is glory in not only the goal accomplished but also in the journey. This has always been my mantra as a teacher. Through learning an instrument, many important life skills can be established and honed. Specifically, students can learn how to lean into the challenges that face them and embrace the small victories along the way. Being able to do these two skills is what leads to larger goals becoming accomplished. When I teach, I help students embrace all parts of the journey while they learn the joys of violin playing and music making.  And in so doing, they become stronger and happier versions of themselves.”

The violin has been part of Martha since she was seven years old. She studied the Suzuki method under Nora Smilovici and then continued her studies with Dr. Ernest Pereira in her High School years. She has taught violin for seven years and she is currently seeking a B.A. in Music at UNCC where she studies under Dr. David Russell. She is currently playing for the UNCC orchestra as well as for their Chamber groups. In addition, she has played the violin (as well as piano) as part of the CSYO (Charlotte Symphony Youth Orchestra). She has played for events as well as accompanied church bands using an improvisational style on a weekly basis. When she is not preparing for an event, she enjoys jamming with friends and occasionally busking. Anything to share the joys of the violin with others.

“Music has always been important to my heart. It moves me. I have always told people that it is one thing to hear some wonderful music live, whereas it is a whole other world to be in the midst of it, making it yourself.” – Martha Murray 

Image by Jeroen van Dijk

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