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BEginner Worship Guitar

The goal of this course is to lead each student to a place of confidence in playing/singing contemporary worship songs on the acoustic guitar. It is not a vocal course but we will touch on singing as it relates to leading worship songs on the guitar. Lessons will be 45 minutes in length once per week and at home practice is expected if we are to achieve our goal.


                                                          Topics we will cover include:

                                                                        -Parts of the guitar

                                                                        -Tuning the guitar

                                                                        -Basic chords 

                                                                        -Finger/hand placement

                                                                        -Transitioning between chords in time with the song

                                                                        -Basic strumming patterns

                                                                        -Reading contemporary chord charts


All of this together allows for the ability to play contemporary christian songs. Through the use of handouts, homework and one-on-one instruction, my hope and prayer is that each student will experience what it feels like to worship and engage in conversation with the Lord through song. 


                                                          Rates per month:

                                                                           $100 (per student)

                                                                           $80 (sibling rate)

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