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Recital Bouquets

Blossom & Branch has been supplying our recitals for years with the most unique and beautiful bouquets.
We love supporting local businesses!

Acro & Little lights Order due by May 31

Bright Ones & Illuminator orders due by June 7

If you would like to order a bouquet for more than one date, please follow these instructions:


Choose the date of your first order, add your name for pickup, and click on add to cart.  The paypal page will open with the shopping cart.  Go back to the tab/page for the recital sign up and use the paypal dropdown again to select the second date, add your name, and choose add to cart and it will add the second bouquet to your current order on the paypal checkout page.   You can then checkout for multiple dates in your cart.  

Please note that not all mobile phone browsers will work.  Desktop or laptop ordering works best

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