Additional Fees 2020-2021


Costume(s) are required for your dancer to participate in our June Recital. Costumes are made to order and take 8-12 weeks to produce. Costume orders must be placed during January, therefore, your NON REFUNDABLE costume deposit must be collected on January 1st. If for some reason the participant is not planning to complete the year, you must notify us in writing prior to January 1st and you will not be charged a costume fee.  Costume Balance will be collected on March 1st.


The Worship Movement will assume that each registered student will be performing in the May Recital.


The following costume fee per class will be due February 1st .

• $30 per class (Students participating in multiple classes will need a $30 deposit for each class)

Costume Balance will be collected on March 1st.

Acro Class $50 annual equipment fee

Pom Class $15 pom purchase fee