Stage 2

Saturday June 13

Call Times

Please arrive on time  & performance ready.

Hip Hop I - 3:35

Tap III - 4:05

Ballet III - Wednesday - 4:25

Contemporary I - 4:55

Jazz I - 5:25

Ballet IV - 6:05

Tween Jazz - 6:35


Recording Procedure

  • Please arrive at the church with your child IN COSTUME on time for your scheduled recording.

  • Immediate family (parents/guardians and siblings) is welcome to watch the recording. We have to limit the number of people in the building per the governor’s guidelines.

  • Once at the church, each family will enter through the front doors - look for an American flag. 

  • Only one class will be permitted in the building at a time. We will do our very best to stay on schedule and appreciate the grace and patience if there is a need to wait a small amount of time to enter the church.

  • You will be guided to bring your child to their teacher and then families will find a seat in the audience.

  • Dancers will have socially distanced squares backstage to bring their belongings to and warm up.

  • Combination dancers will bring their change of shoes and alternate skirts to these squares. Please see Costume Details, Hair and Make-Up for which skirt to wear first.

  • Stage 2 & 3 dancers with costume changes will bring their alternate costumes to the changing area backstage. *Take note of the first dance being recorded and please arrive in that costume.

  • Photos will be taken backstage prior to the performance as we wait for the entire class to arrive. Only dancers with photo orders will get individual photos.

  • Dancers will then have the chance to perform their dance 2-3 times.

  • Once finished performing we will bring your dancer/s to you. 

  • Families will then be guided to exit out the side doors of the building so we can begin the sanitizing process for the next class entering through the front. 

  • If your child is in multiple dances you are welcome to stay in the sanctuary during transition IF the dances are back to back. If there is a dance in between that your child is not in, we ask that you exit and return for the next recording time. (ie if your child is in Tap III and Contemporary I, you will need to leave during Ballet III) We appreciate the cooperation in this and apologize for the inconvenience!

  • Masks are optional - there is a link on our website under Recital 2020 to order a “BRAVE” themed patriotic mask.

Costume, Hair, & Makeup Details

Make-Up: black mascara, neutral eye shadow, medium pink blush and lipstick

** Ponytails can be curled but not required

** Costumes have been steamed and are recital ready - please do not let your child play in or show off their costumes until after recital!

** Tights are included - please have your child wear the tights we have provided for them!

  • Hip Hop I - Ballet Bun (slicked and low, nape of neck), bandana folded into headband with knot at top of head, sneakers, black ankle socks or natural tights

  • Tap III - Slicked back low ponytail, black ankle socks or natural tights, tap shoes

  • Ballet III (Wednesday) - Pink Tights; Ballet Bun (slicked and low, nape of neck), hairpiece to right of bun, Ballet shoes

  • Contemporary I - Natural Tights; Slicked back low ponytail, hairpiece to the right of ponytail

  • Jazz I - Natural tights; Slicked back low ponytail - hairpiece to the right of ponytail , Jazz shoes

  • Ballet IV - Pink Tights; Ballet Bun (slicked and low, nape of neck), hairpiece to right of bun, Ballet shoes

  • Tween Jazz - Slicked back low ponytail - hairpiece pinned around ponytail, Jazz shoes


Recital Checklist

  • Did you order your photo package? There is no photography allowed during performance! Please be sure pictures are paid for via paypal (friends and family) before Friday!

  • Did you reserve your DVD or Digital Download? 

  • Have you reviewed Costume Details, Hair and Make-Up?

  • Do you know your arrival time?

  • Did you order a bouquet? Blossom & Branch has about 10 more available if you’d like to support her small, local business while celebrating your dancer.

  • Have you marked your calendar to celebrate all together on July 11th with an outdoor viewing of the entire show? Anyone is invited to join us for this! Don’t miss it!

  • Do you have someone in your family or close friend circle who is currently serving in the US military or a Veteran? We want to honor them - please email their name & branch and if they have been in combat, the name of the battle. (

  • Have you thought about making a donation? As you may have noticed, we are not selling tickets to our recital this year due to the necessary changes we had to make to our show.  Unfortunately, ticket sales help with our recital costs and offset summer expenses. We have made it possible for you to make a donation in any amount in lieu of purchasing a ticket. This can be done on our website under Recital 2020. Thanks for your support!

  • Have you signed your child up for summer camps or classes? There are lots of fun choices! 

  • Have you taken a step back and congratulated your dancer, and yourself, for braving these uncharted waters? Please do - we are proud and thankful for your commitment - BRAVO!


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