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Little Lights

Saturday June 4, 2022
Performance Times 
Please arrive on time  & performance ready.

10:00 Thursday Little Lights Combo II 


10:30 Wednesday Little Lights Combo I 


11:00 Mini Hip Hop 


11:30 Monday Little Lights Combo II 


1:00 Tuesday Little Lights Combo I 


1:30 Tuesday Little Lights Combo II 


2:00 Little Lights Toddlers 


2:30 Tuesday Ballet II 


3:00 Saturday Ballet I 


3:30    Saturday Little Lights I

Call Times

Performance Procedure

  • Please arrive at the church with your child IN COSTUME on time for your scheduled performance.

  •  We will do our very best to stay on schedule and appreciate the grace and patience if there is a need to wait a small amount of time to enter the church.

  • You will be guided to bring your child to their teacher and then families and guests will find a seat in the audience.

  • Combination dancers will bring their change of shoes and alternate skirts backstage. Please see Costume Details, Hair and Make-Up for which skirt to wear first.

  • Dancers will then have the chance to perform their dance 2-3 times.

  • Once finished performing we will bring your dancer/s to you. 

  • Families will then be guided to exit out the side doors of the building so we can bring the next class in for their performance. 

Recording Procedure

Call and Picture Schedule

We will be taking class and individual pictures 20 minutes prior to the class scheduled performance time.  All dancers need to arrive for scheduled picture timeslot we do take a class photo and like to have every dancer included.  Please have your dancer at Independence Hill Baptist Church in costume with hair and makeup done at the following times:

Picture times
  • Did you order your photo package? There is no photography allowed during performance! Please be sure pictures are paid for via paypal (friends and family) before Friday!

  • Did you reserve your Digital Download? 

  • Have you purchased your tickets?

  • Have you reviewed Costume Details, Hair and Make-Up?

  • Do you know your arrival time?

  • Did you order a bouquet? Blossom & Branch has beautiful bouquets available for pre-order!

  • Have you signed your child up for summer camps or classes? There are lots of fun choices! 

Recital Checklist

Recital Checklist
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