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Why The Worship Movement?


With so many amazing dance studios in the area to choose from, it is important to us that we let you in on reasons we believe the worship movement could be the best fit for your family!

We are a family! We genuinely love and care for your family as our own! Our hearts are open and we believe in building relationships with each family that walks through our doors!

We create an extremely encouraging atmosphere! Whether your child is here to have fun once a week or dive into all the classes 5 days a week and everywhere in between, we will encourage them right where they are at to be the best they can be!

We provide a safe environment! We take into consideration what our students see, hear, speak and do and make safety a priority! Our music and costume choices are always family friendly! Our teachers are committed to keeping their eye on our students’ physical health and location as well as their mental state at all times!

We cultivate relationship within our classes! We are absolutely inclusive and come alongside you in teaching our students how to be the same! Showing them how to be good friends is important to us - from our tiniest tots learning to take turns to our oldest teens navigating cliques and bullies! We love helping them be good people, not just good at performance and creative arts!

We have a ton of fun! While we strive for excellence in our teaching and training, we always want to create a fun experience and help them fall in love (and stay in love) with whatever art form they are here for! We don’t pressure our students but find ways to push them to be their best self while having fun!

We provide continuing education for our staff! Staying up to date on the latest technique, injury prevention and teaching tools is important to us! We proudly utilize programs such as CLI, Acrobatic Arts, Deep Space Sparkle and pop up classes and conventions through many other outlets!

We pray with our students!
We worship with our students!
We say positive affirmations with our students!
We talk about God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and the Bible with our students!
We build meaningful relationships with our students!
We honor our families and are always available for questions and concerns!

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